Providing Level 5 Energy Performance Certificates

After using Thermal Analysis Software to analyse a building’s energy performance over the course of the year, we then create Energy Performance Certificates. To find out more about the advantages of using Thermal Analysis Software to understand a building’s energy performance, please get in touch.

Energy Performance Certificates

We produce Level 5 Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) using Thermal Analysis Software (TAS), which is an approved Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software package. This allows us to simulate the energy performance of the building and its systems throughout the year, and it also gives us the capacity to observe the results for any day of the year at any hour. A Level 5 EPC is required when any of the following features exist within the building:


  • Night Ventilation Strategy

  • Ventilation with Enhanced Thermal

  • Coupling to Structure

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation

  • Automatic Blind Control

  • Atria

The accuracy of the DSM software means that the results are generally more favourable than those obtained by the simpler software programs based on a Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM). The cost of carrying out a Level 5 EPC is usually considerably more than doing a Level 3 or 4 SBEM calculation. However, the opportunity to look at the environmental, energy, carbon, and capital costs for a new build or major refurbishment will always far outweigh the additional costs.

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